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Ethan Walker — San Francisco, California

Let Me Ask You Two VERY Important Questions

1. Are you tired of applying for multiple jobs — maybe even hundreds of jobs — and feeling the frustration
and disappointment of being rejected even after you’ve given your best?

2. What if you had a friend who discovered a job search strategy that helped him get hired – without even
having to submit a resume
or fill out a job application
would you want to learn how he did it?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, I’d like to help you get rid of the disappointment and frustration and re-gain control over your job search — with a step-by-step roadmap that will help you get hired much faster than the millions of other people who are using the old, outdated job hunting strategies.

Dave Pierpoint's Job Search Jump Start System (tm)

My name is David Pierpoint and I’d like to share with you the strategies and insider secrets I’ve discovered over the years that helped me to get my last three jobs without even having to submit a resume or application (before I got hired). In fact, for the second job, it was only after I was hired that they asked me to fill out an application – and that was to make sure they had a copy in my file with the HR department. (That was pretty sweet!)

And here’s your first inside secret… it’s really much easier than you might think, if you know what works.

You see, there are literally a handful of simple, low-cost, highly effective ways to substantially improve the response you get from your job search efforts. And even some of the most simple strategies and techniques, when applied in the just the right way, can immediately increase your effectiveness and renew your confidence. Now add a few of those together, and you can begin to see how a high-powered job-search strategy can rocket you past the millions of other unemployed individuals who are still using the old, outdated methods.

Dave Pierpoint's Job Search Jump Start System (tm)

Look, there are dozens of career guides and hundreds of web sites out there competing for your attention. But the problem is, since anyone with a few bucks and a little spare time can put up a web site and crown themselves an expert, it’s hard to tell who you can really trust to deliver reliable job search advice.

So here’s why you should consider taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule and listen to what I have to say about finding a great job and getting hired.

I’ve been coaching job-seekers for the last decade on how to find hidden job opportunities and get hired in tough job markets. During that period of time I completed the Certified Career Coach program through the industry-leading Career Coach Institute, and developed the leading Certified Job Search Consultant training program.

I’ve seen first hand what works well – and more importantly, what doesn’t work any more in a tough job market.

And while I’ve shown hundreds of job seekers multiple ways to improve their job search results, I always come back to these simple – but amazingly powerful – strategies that enabled me to get hired on three separate occasions, without even having to submit a resume or application.

Dave Pierpoint's Job Search Jump Start System (tm)

Between the core strategies I discovered and the most recent industry details, you’ll get the inside scoop on what really works when looking for a great job and getting hired – no matter how tough the job market is or which direction the economy goes.

Here are just some of the insider-secrets I’ll share with you if decide to put this powerful system to work in your own job search:

Why you have virtually no chance of getting hired using the old, outdated job hunting methods.

The new rules of the job search game – and, unfortunately, it’s a game that’s designed for you to lose.

The biggest risk you face if you’re over 40 (especially if you’re currently unemployed).

The three simple words on which most every final hiring decision are based.

How to avoid being labeled as “overqualified” if you have years of valuable experience.

Why the worst thing you can do is approach an employer “looking for a job.”

Who you need to build “value-based” relationships with – and the critical first step you must take.

Dave Pierpoint's Job Search Jump Start (tm)

Career management experts agree that the most important component of any job search is focusing your efforts on networking and being proactive in contacting prospective employers. In fact, recent surveys show that 94% of those who recently found work said that “networking” played a critical role in their job search process.

You probably already know that blindly sending out resumes and applying for online postings only has a 5% success rate – and that you absolutely have to build a strong network in a competitive job market. There are entire books written on the topic of networking and one even dedicated to why you should “never eat lunch alone.”

While I agree that networking is critical to the success of any job search strategy, I strongly disagree that you should approach people in your network specifically about finding a job. In fact, this strategy can absolutely crush any chance you have of leveraging these important relationships into a job offer – which is exactly why I want to show you the right way to build your network.

You’re going to discover my most powerful strategy for connecting with the right people – in the right way – that virtually ensures that you’ll rise above the rest and set yourself apart from everyone else.

And that’s just the beginning – because this system will give you simple, practical, powerful strategies and techniques that you can use to make your job search much more effective. If you’re serious about getting hired anytime soon, you owe it to yourself to get this valuable training.

If you’re tired of struggling to get hired, and feel like no one is giving you an opportunity to prove yourself, register today using the secure PayPal button below to see how the Job Search Jump Start™ strategy can help you beat the system and finally get hired!

Get your membership for only $97 and get started today!

For less than the cost of a dinner at a fancy restaurant and a movie, you could immediately jump-start your job search efforts and be on your way to a great new job. And because I offer a 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by registering today. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Talk again soon,

David Pierpoint,
Career Coach, Author, and Creator of Job Search Jump Start


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