Half the Jobs Are Gone (Forever?)

by admin on November 4, 2010

The article link below is from earlier this year  –  is astonishing that HALF of the 15.3 million people out of work consider the loss of their job as PERMANENT.


For those of you who don’t like math, that’s 7,500,000 jobs that are GONE … they don’t exist any more.  They’ve been eliminated and those functions have since been reassigned to other positions, outsourced, or deemed unnecessary.

Now, that number alone is huge — but it leads to a more sobering figure.

The Labor Department just released news that (non-farm) employment rose by 151,000 jobs in October 2010.   Keep in mind, however, that this figure is simply the net gain in employment for the month – it doesn’t mean that all of those are NEW jobs.  It just means that 151,000 more people were hired last month (than those who lost their jobs).

But, let’s just say that HALF (50%) of those were newly created jobs — approximately 75,000 new jobs in the month of October.   At that rate, it would take 100 months (over 8 years) to replace the 7,500,000 jobs that were lost during the recession!

And that presumes two things: first, that the employment growth trend continues at 150,000 per month; and second, that half of those are NEW jobs — not simply replacing other workers (who either quit, were fired, or simply moved to a different position/employer).

On the other hand, if only a QUARTER (25%) of the jobs are actually newly created positions, then it would take nearly 200 months (OVER 16 YEARS) to replace those same 7,500,000 jobs that disappeared during the recession!!!

So, why am I sharing all of this good news, you ask?

Simply to point out that we need to have a FUNDAMENTAL change in how we go about finding employment opportunities (aka “getting a job”).  The old, outdated (industrial) model CANNOT facilitate the levels of re-employment that are needed to put 15 million people back to work!!!


If you are out of work — and want to get hired anytime soon during the next 8 to 10 years — you cannot simply look for, and apply for, job openings that employers are currently looking to fill.

You need to create opportunities where a prospective employer is BETTER OFF by hiring you, than they are by making a decision to pass you by (and thereby missing whatever opportunity you present).  This strategy is entirely different than approaching prospective employers and asking them to give you money for showing up to work each day (the old school job search).

The problem is that 90% of the population has NO IDEA how to implement this type of strategy — and 90% of the employers don’t have a process for adding new workers to their team that fits this strategy.

So this means that not only will you need to stop doing what everyone else is doing to find a job, you also have to make it easy for your next employer to add you to their team … regardless of whether or not they have any “job openings.”

The good news is that you can CHOOSE to be part of the 10% who do get it … what will you decide?

~ David

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