The 3 Stats You Need To Know

by admin on December 9, 2010

According to recent results from a Discovery Company survey, there are three key statistics that you should always remember if you’re working through a job search.

1. The percent of people who get a job simply by submitting a resume for a job posting … 5% (yikes!)

2. The amount of time it takes for the average employer to make a decision on your resume … 5 – 12 seconds (ouch!)

3. The percent of jobs that are filled through informal methods like networking … 60% (and growing!)

Is it any wonder that the traditional “old-school” job search strategies don’t work any more?  The simple fact is that you HAVE to play a different game than everyone else is playing if you want to get hired in a brutal, competitive job market.

The good news is that when you start playing a different game, with a completely different of rules (that put you back in control over the process), your chances of finding a great job and getting hired improve dramatically.

Are you ready to get in the game???

Take care!

~ Dave

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