About David Pierpoint

David Pierpoint is an  indoor cycling fanatic, Starbucks regular, and iPhone junkie.  You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. While I am both a  Certified Career Coach and a Certified Job Search Consultant, what’s most important is that I’m just a regular guy who discovered the most effective way to get hired in a tough job market.

I’m also a member of the Human Capital Executive Research Board (HCERB) — a team of leaders in the workplace and talent management field focused on employee engagement, performance management, talent acquisition, and strategic planning.

In addition to working with clients, I love spending time with my family  traveling to my favorite places, and working-out at the gym!  Below are the three books I’ve written — click the images or links for more information about them.



Available at Amazon.com

Available at Amazon.com

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